About Our GTAO Club

We are 'SonsOfAnarchyUSA1' a Grand Theft Auto Online community based around respect and leadership. Founded in October 21, 2013. When cruising around the digital world of Los Santos we ride Western and Liberty City Cycles choppers. Together we support our brothers throughout any aspect of GTA Online. Our table is composed of original members since the 2013 of release of GTAO. With more than 900+ members, our crew continues to grow till today.

Support SAMCLS

Every member joined should have 'SonsOfAnarchyUSA1' as their active crew. Support our crew by upholding our 'bylaws' and respecting fellow members. If you want to show others your support 'like' our crew photos on our social club.

Meet The PSN Crew

President: Young_MontyTBS
Vice President: MOEROCS
Sgt. At Arms: COD_Beast_D23
Secretary: Sum_Ros3
Treasurer: Fa5jdm
Enforcer: skin_yet_root

Chapel on Tuesdays @ 8PM EST

For chapel bring an all black chopper motorcycle. Go into 'passive' mode in your select settings. Bring your ideas, thoughts and issues to chapel before making any decisions that may affect the crew.

How To Prospect (Closed)

If you want to prospect find a sponsor. Uphold our 'protocol' during your (2) week prospecting period. Your membership can only be made official after a crew vote and sponsor.


When entering a public lobby with hostile players be sure to support your brothers until the end. Never go into 'passive'. When first accessing GTAO find other members and join their lobbies. Be sure to tactically protect our President during public lobbies. Stick together and do not hesitate to regroup then continuing the fight with fellow members by you.

Social Club

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Crew Chat

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Allied Support

We also support our allied crews throughout all of Los Santos which includes: The Disposable Heroes and The Sons of Anarchy SA V.


Rockstar Social Page


Rockstar Social Page